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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute live, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. we do not know what he can reach. the good news is he is alive. >> search teams hold out hope as they continue to search for victims of the deadly her -- earthquake in haiti. breast is have become rare since the birth which happened -- rescues have become increasingly rare since the earthquake happened. >> they estimate to one of thousand people have died. that is almost one-quarter of the population. there is unexpected good news from our french rescuers who pulled out at 23-year-old man from the rubble today.
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it is the first rescue to date and it may well be the last. >> point paid off as french rescuers pulled this man alive from the rubble, from underneath of fruit and vegetable stand. officially, he has moved from rescue 2 recovery mode -- rescue to recovery mode. they gathered to date to -- today to attend the funeral for those who have died. there has been much to do. fires lit up the skies overnight and there was little left to destroy. relief volunteers see improvement. >> we are getting more airplanes in from the red cross. is really helping. this is a new camp set up
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from haitian organs -- for each and -- for haitian orphans. they are fleeing the capital heading for food and safety. there iso leaving the earthquake behind. doctors from johns hopkins hospital said that. >> there is a lot of guilt with leaving. i became close to a lot of children. there were things i knew we needed to do. we could not do them. the tally of people pulled alive stands at 133 people. dozens of teams continue to look for survivors against all odds. members of our haitian community gathered today to mourn the victims of the earthquake. in a memorial mass, 500 people came to honor those who died. we were at that service and are joined with more.
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>> i am @ the shrine of the sacred heart catholic church where it was an emotional afternoon. these people never had the chance to say goodbye to family and friends killed in the earthquake. they came here to breathe -- grieve. the church is where they come for strength in times of tragedy. >> i do not understand what happened >> she was in haiti when it happened and learned that her sister had died. >> just by looking at the house, i thought unless there was a miracle, they were not alive. >> she put a candle in memory of her sister and she knows she is not alone. >> she was an archbishop's secretary. >> a deeply spiritual people in
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times of triumph or tragedy, is community offered prayers and song in english and french creole. ♪ for many, their hearts are broken and their minds question why. >> it is very difficult to understand. >> they're questions may never be answered. >> i can never say goodbye. saying goodbye is like forgetting. i cannot forget. >> in addition to consoling parishioners, the church is mobilizing to make donations for the people of haiti. they are expected to reach almost $300,000. martin o'malley wants to send help to haiti and is asking the pentagon for assistance. the university of maryland
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medical center wants to send people to help. the equipment and personnel would stay for three to six months but needs help getting there. we have teamed up with the save of the children -- save the children. you can log on to our website and type in the keyword help. we are on the lookout for possible suicide bombers. britain has raised its a threat level too severe. they say the women may be travelling with u.s. passports on western-bound flights. here receives the and permission from umar farouk abdulmutallab. -- they received the information from umar farouk abdulmutallab. u.s. officials say last weekend,
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six different people on the no- fly list were stopped from boarding flights. none were arrested or detained. when was sent back to saudi arabia. we have clear skies, but they are not going to stick around. flash flood watch will be in effect in some areas tomorrow. >> we have been watching the radar. we have a lot of rain on the way. we do have a flash flood watch that will go into effect tomorrow afternoon and into early monday morning. lots of the area could see up boards of 2 inches of rain. take a look at our weather. it is 40 degrees in rockville. 49 degrees for a daytime high. los -- no bring in the rain gauge now. a cold front is on the way. it is going to arrive early monday morning. and u.s. marine based here
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in washington was stabbed to death during up party at a baltimore home. 20-year-old lance corporal darius ray was stabbed several times during the fight and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators are interviewing several people and to expect to make arrests soon. investigators are looking for two masked men. they say they went to the back door of the rest of around 8:00 p.m. they pulled out guns and demanded money. they fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. coming up, friends and family mourned the death of a teenager who was killed in the pilot crashed. people in california may h knocked out of the woods yet. u.s. marines hand over control to some iraqi forces.
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. i iraqi security forces are now in charge of the largest province. there were given control during a special ceremony today. it is a symbol of cooperation between the u.s. and iraq. some of the province's most influential leaders attended. the u.s. says it will appeal a decision to drop of manslaughter decision against five black water men who were charged with killing people. they say they violated constitutional rights. vice-president joe biden made the announcement.
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the coast guard is overseeing the cleanup of an oil spill. an oil tanker collided with a barge. people have been evacuated. the crew members from both ships have been removed. emergency crews are working to contain it. there is no word on why they collided. hundreds of veterans received a helping hand today. the va and several community groups joined forces to assist homeless veterans with health care, housing, employment, and other services. this is just one part of the effort to help homeless veterans. >> it does not matter where you live, where you are staying. the va's are committed to making yourife better. >> the hundreds of veterans who attended received food and clothing. they said they helped more than 40,000 veterans and their families last year.
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up next, people are cleaning up after a major storm and are getting ready for round two. heavy rains are heading our way. we will tell you when. steve rudin is straight ahead.
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of woodbridge teenager killed in a car accident was laid to rest today. 18-year-old mohammed wali was set to graduate this spring. instead, his friends and family attended his funeral today. kathy park has the story. >> i lost it. i lost it. i miss him. and that it is a weekend filled
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with heartache for one of woodbridge family. hi older brother remembers their last conversation. >> i spoke to him over the telephone. he was happy. >> hours later, police say his car spun out of control before crashing into the minivan, injuring a mother and her daughter. he died at the scene. this resident passed by the seen coming home. >> when car was really crushed. >> after receiving the terrible news, family members scheduled a funeral. they shared some of their fondest memories. >> he used to come to my place and he was a very nice guy. he would always laugh. >> family and friends remember him as a strong athlete with aspirations to play for the redskins one day. he worked out regularly. his older brother told us he was
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coming back from the gym before the crash. i dreamed cut short for the 18- year-old who was getting ready to graduate. kathy park, abc 7 news. people in california are cleaning up after a winter storm. they are not in the clear. another storm is forming. people who had evacuated because of the threat of mudslides are returning to their homes. there is no reason to get complacent. >> it would be a big mistake to assume that only because a few areas of blood khouses -- blood-- mud hit houses, it means you do not have to worry. >> a good samaritan helped his friend get back on the road. when we saw a lot of that and now we have some rain on the
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way. >> temperatures are above average. we have clouds starting to roll in from the south and west. this is an indicator of what is going on over the next 24 to 48 hours. here is a look at our weathernow network. 39 degrees for our current temperature after all low of 37 degrees. 36 in birch after a high of 44 degrees. we are holdg in the 30's. 36 degrees in maryland. 38 degrees at the airport. here is what we have -- up on all system will tap a lot of both moisture. -- a funnel system will tap into
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a lot of gulf moisture. temperatures will be just above average today. 42 is where we normally are for this time of year. we have a lot of rain tomorrow. two or 3 inches of rain are expected. the timeline shows the heaviest rain will arrive by 6:00 p.m. we have a flash flood watch tomorrow afternoon that will and monday morning. people look on that flash flood watch. this is a big storm and is going to last quite a while. two or three inches of rain are expected. areas of low pressure will move out of here and we will look for clearing conditions for the daytime on monday. there will be lots of cold air out there. mostly cloudy and cool
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temperatures tonight, falling to around 35 degrees. winds are out of the southeast. cloudy skies with rain developing from the southwest toward the northeast. temperatures rebound from the 30's and 40's. look for periods of heavy rain. that will be tomorrow night into early monday morning. high temperatures in the fifties degrees. -- in the 50's. temperatures in the mid-50's on monday. temperatures will fall into the 40's by monday afternoon. sunshine on tuesday. today, the better half of the weekend, tomorrow, it is going to be damp, cold, and very wet. and windy. the president and first lady took in a basketball game today. cameras caught them leaving the white house.
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they watched their 8-year-old daughter sasha plate at a community center. i do not have highlights from that game, but i have them from college. georgetown tries to break out against rutgers. we have
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but toyota sports test is brought to you by your local toy u.s. -- toyota dealers. monday night at syracuse. tonight, they warmed up against rutgers. chris wright connects 43. it was 22-14. greg monroe will pass it out off the break.
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29-14, georgetown. e second half, of the mets, -- off the miss. here it is. hoyas win, 99-63. virginia had been playing a lot better. they were up a big, up bigger. 34-15, at the half. gary clark will hyit the -- hit the three. tim brant calling. the run and they are up by one. five seconds left. reggie jackson. of course, it is not to wait and virginia tech wins. george mason leads, the tigers
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have a lead. mason is up by five. they hit the three-point. george mason is the winner 80- 71. army is up. that's navy. game is tied. navy tied. tehy a-- they are up. navy wins, 62-56. american beat holy cross by four. gilbert arenas will no link of his suspension by the end of the week. it will have some number attached by the end of the week. he has missed 10 games. the wizards have lost seven of those. dwayne wade had 32 points.
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he has already had two 40-point games against the wizard. they lost by 24 points. the ca are home against phoenix. miguel tejada will rejoin the orioles. he will pay -- play third base. four weeks until spring training. training. (woman) these are my mom's shoes. i walked in her shoes all 60 miles. (man) when they first told us she had breast cancer, i was scared to death. i thought that i was gonna lose my best friend.
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(man) susan g. komen 3-day for the cure. register today or request information and a free promise ring at (woman) i never really got to have a say in whether or not i wanted to lose my mom. having done this walk and having had this experience, i feel like i have finally had my say. regist today for the komen 3-day for the cure, because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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a wedding cake is under armed guard. it is not just sugar, flour, and butr. it is worth $1 million and
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decorated with diamonds, sapphires, and is on display as part of a bridal show. it would serve about 320 people. that comes out to $3125 a sli ce. let us take a look at the weather. a wet forecast on the way. we could see two or 3 inches of rain by the system -- by the time the system moves out of here. there is a flash flood watch tomorrow night into monday morning. the reign will end early monday. there will be cooler temperatures on monday. a cold front moves through into the 40's, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. 40-45 degrees. we will watch it for you. if you live in the flood-prone area be careful.
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